Eddie Cook-Hernandez

Eddie Cook-Hernandez is a military child that found his solace in art from a very young age. From looking at the “How to Draw: insert subject” books and redrawing what he saw in grade school, to art fairs in middle school, to receiving an apprenticeship to tattoo in Hawaii in March of 2018, he has always been interested in an array of different art mediums. The love for tattooing came when he was a freshman in high school since he saw it as a way to be happy in life creating art. Eddie’s goal for each and every client is that they have the most comfortable, positive, and professional experience to help change the stigma of the “intimidating tattoo shops and artists.” Eddie also sees tattooing as a form of medicine and healing for clients and even himself. He appreciates and values all the styles he can, with the end goal as an artist to be well rounded in most tattoo styles. The styles Eddie mainly does and wants to pursue are as follows: traditional, neotraditional, traditional Japanese, black and grey and color realism, new school, illustrative black and grey, watercolor, fine line black and grey, anime/manga, and indigenous tattoos based in the Americas from the pottery, textiles, architecture, etc.

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Black Horse Tattoo Studio

1 Towne Centre Blvd

Suite 5500

The Village at Spotsylvania Towne Centre

Fredericksburg, Virginia, 22407

(540) 702-1000

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